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We have been leading projects around the world for a decade, now we are together in this


The idea

Be the Change...

Agöra Learning Community is an international association, with partners in 10 countries in Europe. Born with Erasmus+ projects and gathers young leaders and youth workers with different backgrounds: technical degrees, arts, social sciences...

We are living in liquid times. Things are changing extremely fast and education is a basic key for facing the big challenges our kids are involved. If we consider society as a living organism composed of systems, the education system is undoubtedly one of the most important, perhaps vital. There are studies that show that there is a direct correlation between the level of education of a population and the freedom and stability of society. We could understand the educational system as the tool that a complex society gives itself in order to make its citizens useful for the economic machinery that keeps everything working. The economic and social system seems to be reaching a point of exhaustion and we must try to renew the old structures. This is our opportunity, this is our little contribution.

Our Programs

Leadership, Entrepreneurship & Sustainability

The learning proposal will provide you with tools to implement projects, boost your creativity and make you aware of social challenges.

Classical Studies, Art & Philosophy

This program is designed to give a holistic experience of spiritual development. It is focused in Classical period history, philosophy and arts.


A train ticket Is the best way to discover Europe, to that we add a mentor and then the trip becomes in an amazing experience.

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Skin in the Game

Do or do not. There is no try

Skin in the game is an expression that perfectly sums up the methodology and spirit of our training. We will work very intensively, taking participants out of their comfort zones to achieve the maximum learning possible. Taking risks and giving everything we have..


Critical Thinking

If we understand our existence as thinking beings, the improvement in the quality of our thoughts would lead to an improvement in our personal quality. By definition, critical thinking is free of arbitrariness, distortion, partiality, disinformation or prejudice... sounds good..


We have everything we need to feel good, but we live in a continuous state of dissatisfaction and uncovered expectations that make us yearn for more. Since we began to understand the world around us, we have been driven to believe that happiness lies in possessing as much as possible, perhaps it lies at the other extreme, in seeking the minimum, in being able to give up almost everything.

Today is the Day


Epicurus Hedonism

It's hard to know what exactly were the ideas of Epicurus. We are going to give credit to the legend and say that a life full of pleasure, satisfaction and happiness needs four elements:

To be in frequent contact with our friends

Our aim is to create a learning community, where we can grow by supporting each other.

Leading a simple and moderate life

We have the feeling that material excesses are not the way to happiness.

Doing meaningful work

What the world needs + What you are good at + What you love + What you can be paid for = Your IKIGAI

Cultivate peace of mind and spirit

It will be a holistic experience or it won't be. It looks like the Epicurean perspective remains relevant and valuable.


If you want to go fast, go alone.
If you want to go far, go together.
—African Proverb.

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Robledo de Torio
24197 León, Spain

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