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About the Program

When you decide to take a Gap Year you could think on taking some decitions: learning, sports, adventure, volunteering, challenge…


there is a place
where you don´t have to choose

We have put everything together in a program, with young mentors from different countries around Europe, in an incredible island and with an exciting program that is designed to find the leader in you: focused in develop your communication skills, critical thinking and team management.

The learning proposal will provide you with tools to implement projects, boost your creativity and make you aware of social challenges. Our aims go further, we want to help the planet, for that we will try a path to minimalism, de-materialise the activity and work on a circular economy.

First Semester: Starting February 1st. 2021 -- Ending June 25th. 2021
Second Semester: Starting September 1st. 2021 -- Ending January 24th 2022. 

Only 30 places available on each turn.

Booking opened from now

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Project Topics


The world is facing huge challenges, we are in need of leaders. We are going to work on the basic treats and skills for a leader: learning, communication, creativity, team management.


Our mentors are fully experienced in project development. As trainers, teachers, entrepreneurs or leaders they sum hundreds of successful projects


The only possible future is sustainable. We are going to learn this in an island, the perfect place to understand how limited our world is.

Critical Thinking

For many reasons, think critically is the best way to think. This will be a basic link for every topic in the program.

The Learning Community

You need a tribe to educate one kid as the proverb says.

The group is going to be a key resource in our process of learning. International participants and mentors, in an amazing place, together with a common goal: develop their potential.

A safe location on every meaning: Small and quite island, small groups, experienced mentors and selected participants... the perfect recipe for success.

We have the idea that if you put a group of motivated young people within really strong, experienced and caring mentors and being pushed to think about how they can change the world, you’ll be able to produce the leaders to solve the big challenges of humanity.

The System

Learning by doing: We'll propose a practical environment when hands-on approach is the main tool..

Learning from others: The group is where everything happens. When we put the knowledge in common, no individual can beat the outcomes.

Project Management Our mentors are experts in developing projects with deep knowledge on project management. We will use a Scrum approach, dispersing the responsibilities of the project manager among the team members, with a Scrum Master serving as a leader and facilitator.

The island

Probably one of the most amazing places in the world. Just take a look in Youtube…

The coast of Fuerteventura, with 150 km of beaches, is sea and sand in its purest state. Perfect weather all year round. Safe and clean, the island is one of the favourites destinations for families in Europe. Forget everything and walk along along the shore, eat fresh fish right by the ocean, or just sit on the sand and watch the sunset.

On the other hand, if you prefer activity… the wind and the sea are perfect for any aquatic sport, even for international contests that take place on the island every year. Inland you can enjoy unique landscapes for hiking or biking in the middle of old volcanoes and dunes that have served as the setting for movies like Exodus or Star Wars. Not only that, Fuerteventura is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. Within the island there are thirteen protected areas that occupy 27% of the surface with a high rate of endemism due to geographical isolation.

Be the change...

if you agree with this quote, this program is for you.

More Features

The learning process will be supported with:


Social involvement will be a key point to get the best from the experience. Share or move away.


Canary Islands is a is a small volcanic archipelago unique in the world. Its latitude, its position in the Atlantic and its proximity to Africa have created a great variety of ecosystems that we will discover.


We are young healthy people, we love sports and we are going to live in a perfect climate for outdoor activities... let's play all.

Cultural Visits

Ethnography and local culture are important to understand the adaptation to the environment.


These are our three main programs. On this basis, you can set up your own agenda. Ask about the options, group discounts...
The prrice does not include: Travel tickets to the island, Visa if needed or personal expenses.



  • 21 weeks. Half board accommodation
  • Mentors' Tuition
  • 2 Organized trips in Canary Islands: Lanzarote and Gran Canaria.
  • Insurance
  • Programmed activities: Sports and Cultural Visits
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  • 4 weeks travelling by train around Europe. Group of 5 participants.
  • Mentor's Tuition
  • Full board accommodation.
  • Insurance
  • All travel tickets included.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Here a short list of solved questions. Please don't hesitate on contact us for any doubt.

  • A desire to positively impact the lives of others · Master communication skills · Ability to cope with change · Develop tools and strategies to manage life's challenges · Develop executive functioning and independent living skills · Critical Thinking.

  • Living in an island for a while is a very special experience, specially if you are used to live in crowded cities or in a big country. Just two notes to start: The pace of life is slower on an island the time runs differently, communting is an strange concept there. Other interesting point is that appreciating raw nature is far easier to do in islands, and in our cases, we are not talking of woods or mountains, think on the ocean, and desert.

  • There are many good reasons to take a gap year. One could be that we are living in extremely liquid times, you'll probably have to work hard the rest of your live, now you have a good opportunity, take it :-)

  • We don't know yet, but we are going to meet on videocall and we are going to talk for a while. At the end of the talk you'll know the answer. We are as interested as you, we are focused on excellence and our concern is gathering the correct participants, if you are not ready we are not going to say the opposite.

  • Our proposal is a minimalist one. You are not going to need your things, with a backpack of 35 liters of capacity would be more than enough: some clothes and the teeth brush, a mobile and you are done.

  • One of our approaches in the experience we are offering is the idea of dematerialize our lives. All the boarding expenses are covered so it will be up to you...

  • AGöRA is a group of young leaders from countries around Europe, born thanks to Erasmus+ projects, with the idea that a new society is possible.

Our Team

Our main asset, the mentors. Experienced leaders in hundreds of projects with youngsters around the World.

One of the greatest values of mentors is the ability to see ahead what others cannot see
and to help them navigate a course to their destination.
-- John C. Maxwell

Isaac Alvarez

Critical Thinker

Diana Jašeková.

Project Manager

Maroš Brodanský

Outdoor Expert

Jørgen Jenssen.

Social Entrepreneur


A student once asked his teacher, "Master, what is enlightenment?" The master replied, "When hungry, eat. When tired, sleep.".

Molinaseca, 4. Robledo de Torio
24197 León. Spain

+34 650 91 60 67

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